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Here you can familiarize yourself with the company's Offer ENERGY SYSTEMS

check out our offerPublic Offer Agreement, hereinafter - OFFER

We ask you to familiarize yourself with this Offer before starting work with the service. This Offer defines the relationship between the service and the Investor who accepted this Offer .

1. Terms and definitions

"Company" is an ENERGY SYSTEMS company that accepts the management of funds from both individuals and legal entities. For management, the service is, which has a domain name

"Investor" - a person, both natural and legal, who is of legal age in the jurisdiction in which it is located. This person transfers their equity funds to the management of The basis for the management is this Offer.

'Investments' - financial assets that the Investor transfers to the managing company in trust for profit. The basis for the investment is the present Offer.

"Services" - a range of services that are provided to the Investor in order to obtain profits. The purpose of the Services is to receive, maintain, distribute income from investing funds in alternative energy sources. Also, the recipient of the services has the right to receive consulting and other services, the presence of which is necessary for profit. The scope of services, procedure and conditions for providing the Investor are determined by this Offer.

“Site” is an Internet resource with the domain name The purpose of the service is the transfer of funds intended for trust management from the Investor to the Company. With the help of the Site, the Investor gets an opportunity to track his profit, earn income, withdraw funds or receive additional profit. On the Site you can get all the necessary and reliable information about the opportunities and investment plans provided by the system.

"User" is a person who has passed the registration procedure on the Site.

"My Account" is a section of the Site that stores information about the Investor’s personal data, its cash, profit gained, and assets withdrawn. Each User is assigned a login and password, the safe storage and use of which falls on the User.

'Personal Account' - the Investor's Personal Account contains an account of the funds stored and earned by the Investor in the system. Information about the Company's currency obligations to the Investor is also posted on the Personal Account. With the help of the Personal Account, the I / O of the Investor’s funds is executed, and the Investor’s funds are managed and multiplied. A personal account is opened by the Company in the name of each Investor. The maintenance of the Personal Account is carried out on the basis of the provisions of this Offer.

'Investment Program' - the conditions under which the investor’s funds are invested / reinvested in order to make a profit. The program specifies the terms on which the Investor’s funds are placed, the amount of assets involved in the operations, the profit that the Investor plans to receive as a result of the investment. The Company's website contains a full list of available Investment programs. It also describes all the provisions of the programs and conditions of work. From the moment the Investment Program is posted on the official Website of the Company, it becomes effective and becomes an integral part of the Offer. The company has the right to change investment programs. The determining factors are the market conjuncture, other circumstances, according to which the Investor's profit may change in one direction or another. If changes are made to the Investment Program, they become mandatory for use only in subsequent operations. Changes in the Investment programs become mandatory and become effective only after they are published or posted on the Company's Website.

2. Offer Item

2.1. This Offer defines the conditions under which the Investor places its funds in the Company through the Site. The purpose of the transfer of assets is the receipt of profit. This Offer defines the list of services that the Company provides to the Investor. In the Offer, the list of services for which the Investor has the right, transferring funds to the Company's trust management, is prescribed. The Company's responsibility is to exercise trust management through the Investor’s funds for the purpose of making a profit. Website services provide an opportunity for the Investor to track the operations performed, the profit gained.

3. Size and order of Investment. Affiliate program

3.1. The investor independently determines the amount of funds transferred to the Company in trust. Also, the Investor independently determines the time periods during which the investment / reinvestment of funds will be carried out. For this purpose are the means of the Site. Investor's opportunities are limited only by the possibilities of the Investment program chosen by the Investor. The Investment Program also determines the maximum and minimum amount of funds that the Investor can use to complete transactions. The investor also has the ability to cancel restrictions on transactions. After selecting the Investment program, the Investor can independently determine the amount of Investment. Restrictions are imposed only by the Investment Program .

3.2. Only approximate profit margins are posted on the Site. The real amount of profit that Investor will receive is determined by market conditions. If the real profit received by the Investor does not correspond to the profit declared on the Website, these cases cannot be regarded as a violation of the Offer. Based on this inconsistency, the Investor cannot make any claims or claims against the Company.

3.3. This Offer gives the Company the opportunity to include Investors in the Company's Partner Programs, according to which the Investor can receive a profit from the investments of third parties attracted by this Investor to the Company's activities. You can get acquainted with the conditions of the Partner programs on the Company's Website .

4. Company Operational Order

4.1.The duties of the Company include the search for appropriate places in the area, the selection of suitable technologies and the implementation of the installation of alternative energy sources by the Company, energy generation, distribution and sale.

4.2. The Company does not make any assignments with the Investments received from the Investor unless there is a corresponding order from the Investor for this. The investor may use the Company's Website for the transmission of instructions. The investor determines the actions that can be carried out with his Investments by choosing this or that Investment program .

4.3. The investor has no right to interfere in the activities of the Company. All legally significant actions the Company is obliged to perform on its own behalf .

4.4. The Company undertakes to report to the Investor daily the results of the activities within the framework of the Investor’s allocated funds, using the Company’s Website and the Investor’s Personal Account. Information should be provided for each item of each selected Investment Program .

4.5. The investor gets the opportunity to transfer the Company's orders using the technical capabilities of the Site. Orders and requirements may relate only to Investments and profits. The company undertakes to ensure the transfer of requirements and guarantees the fulfillment of these assignments. Deadline depends on the technical capabilities.

4.6. The Parties, accepting this Offer for execution, proceed from the provisions of the legislation in force in the territory of the State of London. In addition, they agree that the customs of business turnover are obligatory for both parties.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties

5.1. Investor undertakes:

5.1.1. Upon registration and acceptance of the Offer, provide accurate and complete information about yourself. When changing data, regardless of the reason for the change, within 7 (seven) calendar days, make changes to the data provided in the Investor's Personal Account.

5.1.2. Keep secret from third parties password and login, allowing access to the personal account of the Investor.

5.1.3. After acceptance of this Offer, transfer in trust management of the Company funds in the agreed amount. The transfer procedure is also negotiated in this Offer.

5.1.4. Information that has become known to the Investor as a result of cooperation with the Company or the execution of the Offer must not be passed on to third parties. Information may be transferred to third parties only if provided for by the legislative acts of the State of London.

5.1.5. The funds transferred by the Investor to the Trust Manager of the Company must be of legal origin. The bank servicing the accounts of the Investor and the Company has the right at any time to request documents capable of confirming the legal origin of the funds provided as an Investment. If the bank considers that the funds provided have a dubious origin and blocks the Investor’s account, then the responsibility for this will be fully invested in the Investor. In this case, the company is not liable to fulfill obligations.

5.1.6. Each User undertakes to create only one account on the Website. If the User tries in one way or another, including deception, to create duplicate records, all accounts registered for one user will be permanently deleted .

5.2. Company undertakes:

5.2.1. Maintain the technical, organizational and other features of the Site, through which the Investor has the opportunity to transfer the assignments to the Company. The consulting services specified in this Offer must be provided to the Investor in full and within the deadlines indicated on the Website. The company may refuse to provide consulting services only in cases specified in clauses 5.3.2 of this Offer .

5.2.2. Provide services for accounting, contracts, transactions. The company also undertakes to represent the interests of the Investor, if necessary, if this is agreed to by this Offer, to third parties.

5.2.3. If the Investor gives such an order through the Site, the Company undertakes to transfer the Investments placed in the Investor's Personal Account to the Investor’s account specified during registration.

5.2.4. The company undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information received from the Investor during the execution of the provisions of this Offer. This condition may be violated only if it is stipulated by the laws of the state of London.

5.2.5. In a timely manner, transfer to the Investor in a specified way all available information about the profit, the state of the Investor's Personal Account.

5.2.6. If circumstances have arisen due to the occurrence of which, the Company cannot fulfill its obligations to the Investor, then all circumstances should be communicated to the Investor as soon as possible.

5.3. The company is entitled:

5.3.1. If there is a need or circumstances so require that the Company's obligations to the Investor be fulfilled, involve third parties. The company is not obliged to inform the Investor at the same time .

5.3.2. If circumstances, malfunctions, mistakes, and threats of hacking are discovered that impede the full operation of the Site, suspend its operation until the circumstances have been resolved. Also, the work of the Site may be suspended if necessary to carry out preventive work. The suspension of the Site does not mean the suspension of the Company's operation.

5.4. The investor is entitled:

5.4.1. To receive timely complete and reliable information on profits obtained as a result of the Company's activities. The intended use of the Investments transferred in trust management must also be communicated to the Investor at any time upon the Investor’s request. Acquaintance with the results of the work is done on the Site. At the same time, the Investor has no right to interfere in the work of the Company, which carries out operations with the Investor’s assets.

5.4.2. Terminate the Offer at any time, notifying the Company. At the same time, the Company is exempt from the obligation to provide the agreed profit .

6. Duration, order of change and termination of the Offer

6.1. Registering an Investor on the Website means acceptance of the terms of the Offer and its entry into force. The validity of the Offer is not subject to the conclusion. The moment of termination of the Offer is the moment when the Investor withdraws all Investments and the received profit from the Personal Account opened on the Site to the account specified by the Investor when registering on the Site .

6.2. Unilateral termination of the Offer by the Company is allowed. In this case, the Investor must be notified in at least 5 days. In this case, the parties are obliged to make all calculations. In this case, the parties are required to sign the Reconciliation Act. Another variant of reconciliation is the exchange of business letters. After signing the Reconciliation Act, the Investor receives the right to transfer all his funds and profits from the Personal Account opened on the Company's Website to his account specified during registration .

7. Responsibility of the parties

7.1. The Parties assume responsibility for the full and proper execution of all the provisions of this Offer. In the event of a breach or performance in inappropriate video responsibility occurs in accordance with the laws of the State of London.

7.2. The company is not responsible if the investor’s expected profit will differ from the one that will be received as a result of the Company's actions.

7.3. If the Investor involves third parties to perform any actions with its assets, the Company is not responsible for the result of these actions. The investor also pays for third-party services on its own.

7.4. The investor is obliged to pay all taxes and fees due on income earned. The size of taxes is determined by the legislation of that country, of which he is officially resident .

8. Force Majeure Circumstances (Force Majeure)

8.1. If, after the acceptance of this Offer, circumstances arise due to force majeure circumstances, the parties are exempted from their obligations under this Offer. Force majeure circumstances include fires, floods, declaration of war or actual entry into war, epidemics, blockades and other circumstances that neither of the parties can foresee or prevent. The parties are also exempt from liability for non-fulfillment of obligations under this Offer, if the impossibility of performance is due to the adopted legislative acts of the state .

8.2. A party that is not able to fulfill its obligations under this Offer, due to force majeure circumstances, is obliged to notify the second party as soon as possible. If this does not happen, then the party loses the opportunity to refer to these circumstances.

9. Warranties and Privacy

9.1. The investor hereby confirms that all personal data and information stated by him upon registration on the Site are authentic and reliable.

9.2. If the Investor does not receive information that his personal data has changed, the Company has the right to believe that the data provided during registration or other procedures are authentic and reliable.

9.3. The investor commits himself within 7 (seven) calendar days after the change of personal data to bring to the attention of the Company information on the change of personal data.

9.4. The investor hereby confirms that at the time of acceptance of this Offer, he is a capable and full-grown citizen.

9.5. The information received by the parties in the process of implementing the provisions of this Offer is confidential and is not transferable to third parties. Transfer to third parties is possible only with the written consent of the second party .

10. Dispute Resolution, Arbitration

10.1. In case of disputes, disagreements between the parties related to the implementation of the provisions of this Offer, their resolution should be made through negotiations and exchange of business letters. If peace or pre-trial resolution of a conflict is impossible, it should be resolved in court instances on the basis of the laws of the state of London in effect at the time of the conflict .

11. Other Terms

11.1. Acceptance of this Offer means that all agreements and contracts concluded earlier between the parties to the Offer are no longer legally valid.

11.2. The current laws of the state of London serve as the basis for resolving and interpreting all situations that are not specified in this Offer.

11.3. The investor, by transferring his money in trust, confirms that he fully agrees with the provisions of this Offer. The investor also confirms that the decision to transfer funds to trust management was made by him voluntarily, without pressure from the Company or third parties. The investor is fully aware that making a profit by trust management is a risky way to make a profit. The investor undertakes not to make material or moral claims to the ENERGY SYSTEMS. Company, the Site, if the profit received differs from the expected or predicted profit .

Privacy Policy

All personal data you provide to companies is kept strictly confidential and protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. All your personal data can be used by the company only to optimize the investment interaction between ENERGY SYSTEMS and the investor, as well as to improve the quality of the services provided .

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